mardi 4 août 2009

Dive in Eau Divine

Was there an alchemical inspiration behind Divine’s first his’n’hers composition?

For some alchemists, the “divine water” which was the principle of all things had the characteristics of mercury – the element of the androgynous god Hermes — and a metallic tinge does runs through the scent…

But that may be going a little too far. Yann Vasnier's Eau Divine can be taken at face value, without getting into any hocus-pocus.

This new scent belongs to the thriving neo-cologne family – citrus top notes for the cooling effect, warm base notes to make the scent longer lasting. Think Thierry Mugler Cologne or Eau de Cartier made a little sweeter and more romantic.

The first burst is transparent mandarin with metallic aldehydic flashes and a prominent pink pepper note. * A blend of cool (nutmeg, cardamom, anis) and hot (ginger) spices follow up in a yin-yang balancing act, while violet adds a crunchy metallic-tinged sugar to the indolic sweetness of orange blossom.

It is then that Eau Divine veers off from the “eau” path to slide into “divine”, with a delicate but obstinate amber-musk-labdanum base that clings to the skin for hours.

There’s really not a lot to add: Eau Divine is neither a drama queen nor a groundbreaker, but it is utterly charming, with an underlying steeliness that keeps the interest going as long as the scent lasts. It is available on the Divine website in masculine and feminine bottles, as well as refillable atomizers.

* Note to perfumers: though I like pink pepper, I truly do, I really wish there’d be a moratorium on it at this point. Is that too much to ask?

Image: David Hockney, A Bigger Splash

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  1. Sounds very nice, D. But I agree, can we please have a moratorium on pink peppercorn?

  2. Jarvis, maybe we ought to start a petition. I really don't know why they stick it everywhere. Was there a survey?

  3. Where do I sign? Soooo tired of pink peppercorn. But, I do wish to try Eau Divine. I generally adore the line and even those that I cannot successfully wear, I admire.

    I think that I will be able to easily wear Eau Divine. Everything about it (pink pepper note aside) calls my name.

  4. Melissa, it's really, really lovely and very well balanced. I like the line a lot too.

  5. ah I love a bigger splash- and agree about the pink pepper too- I think we all do at this point. This sounds lovely for those days when you don't want anything too complex or off the wall but still want something good.

  6. The Divine line is sadly underappreciated which is a shame, as they do really nice stuff. Naturally this one pleased me as well as this is exactly the way I think of Med vacations (like you, most probably): elegantly cool, a refreshing scent that doesn't try too hard, a bon viveur!

    On another related note: Wasn't the samples coffret they sent exquisitely presented (and generous)? Companies, take note, that's how to do a sample programme!

    Hope you're fine! Don't be a stranger :-)

  7. I very recently received Divine's sample coffret, and Helg is right - it is beautifully done! And I am automatically predisposed to love a line that sends me a personal and hand written note along with their samples. I am slowly working my way through them, but unfortunately, this newest scent wasn't among the eight that I received.

    I enjoyed your review very much.

  8. Hi Helg! Yes, Divine is a lovely house. I think perhaps the pace of their releases -- a very reasonable pace of which I approve -- is what doesn't get them mentioned as often as they deserve... The sample set was indeed a very good initiative! I do hope that other companies will take note, you do well to mention it.

  9. Donna, Divine does it right, don't they? Out of their collection, I would particularly recommend L'Homme de Coeur as their most notable: it's an excellent and original iris.

  10. Rose, it's also perfect for the heat, I'd say...