lundi 14 avril 2014

A Petition to Defend Perfume

Last February, perfume aficionados went into overdrive as the European Commission opened its public consultation on upcoming fragrance allergens regulations. As I reported (click here to read the post), the situation is less dire than we could have feared, since what is basically proposed concerns labeling rather than a slew of bans and restrictions that would kill off the art of perfumery altogether.

Among niche perfume brand owners, opinions are divided. Some consider that this amendment is just a prelude to actual restrictions or bans and are gearing up for a fight. Others consider that the issue is not Europe (or IFRA), but the big companies that fiercely oppose labeling allergens, since this would compel them to admit even their allergen-free cosmetics contain them.

Meanwhile, the perfume community has not been inactive. I would like to salute the huge task accomplished by members of the discussion board, who stopped tearing their hair out, rolled up their sleeves and produced a well-considered, comprehensive document that has been sent to the European Commission within the framework of the public consultation. has summed up its main arguments in a petition which you can consult and sign by clicking here.

Illustration: The Abduction of Europa by Gustave Moreau.

5 commentaires:

  1. Thank you so much!

    With warm, fragrantly combatant regards,

  2. The petition is accurate, well composed, logical and balanced.
    I signed it.

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