mercredi 21 mars 2012

The Perfume Lover / Séville à l'aube preview samples: the winners of the draw

Trying to get a cat to pick ten bits of paper isn’t the easiest task. Taking a picture of her while shoving them around to attract her attention when she’d rather be chasing flies is impossible… So here is Miss Jicky, the rather uncooperative picker of winners, in a more Hollywoodian pose.

The winners of the 10 preview samples of Séville à l’aube by Bertrand Duchaufour for L’Artisan Parfumeur are :

Katy McReynolds
Scent & Chemistry
Shelley W

Please send you contact details and proof of purchase (invoice or picture of the book) to graindemusc at gmail dot com.

Thank you all for participating and even more for buying the book. For those of you who didn’t win, I’ll certainly organize another draw later on when I’m sent extra samples.

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  1. Miss Jicky is far too lovely to be photographed working. My dear, she might have a whisker out of place and that would never do.

    Think on!

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna, I've actually refrained from showing her in her favoured position: on her back with front paws in bunny position and hind ones... rather immodestly splayed. I'd have never survived to tell the tale.

  3. Heyy Grain de musc, very happy indeed to have won a sample of 'Séville à l'aube' – mega mega mega!! Looking forward to the sample very much indeed! Many thanks in advance, totally cool to finally be able to smell it, and not only to imagine it!! Can't wait to do that actually... Since you took your dad's old lab coat to analyse the 1999 'Hypnotic Poison' of Annick Menardo on page 33, one of our all time favorites, we posted an own analysis on our Facebook page ...
    ... so you might be interested to know that there is NO almond-smelling ingredient, no benzaldehyde or anything the like (and of course no cyanide as well), and not a single caraway seed sacrificed its spicy life for Hypnotic Poison. These are just marketing storries. There's a lot of anisic and warm herbal ingredients in though. The rest is a postrationalization by marketing people, which would explain Annick's chuckling to herself. Still, it's a masterpiece for sure ... hope very much 'Séville à l'aube' is as well.

  4. Scent and Chemistry, since I intend to write again about Hypnotic Poison for a magazine, your analysis will be very helpful... Obviously, without my dad's help the lab coat didn't work its magic, but between the heliotropin and anisaldehyde, I *still* get an almondy effect. After all, it's not called Hypnotic for nothing...

    I'm really happy no caraway seed was harmed though, they're such cute little critters!

  5. Welcome, Grain de Musc, and well imagination always helps, just as the cassis base 345/undecavertol in Maurice Roucel's 'Be Delicious Women' (DKNY, 2004), which people mistake for apple. Let's say it plays with apple, and after all that's perfumery: To play with imagination. So maybe 'Hypnotic Poison' plays with almonds, but honestly you don't want an almond's almond in there, as it would overthicken the juice. HP lives quite nicely on an anisic radiant breath after all ;-)

  6. This reminds me of a scene in the book, in which I meet a perfumer for the first time, Jacques Polge. When I asked him whether a certain material was in one of his fragrances, he answered "if you smell it, it's there". Which is why I try, as much as possible, to write about "effects" rather than pinpoint specific materials when I'm not sure. Of course there's always the temptation of telling a good story with the perfume as a springboard!

  7. I'm so thrilled! Thank you for picking me, Miss Jicky, and thank you, Denyse, for this magical combination of book and perfume! ~~nozknoz

  8. Nozknoz, Miss Jicky takes a bow... No, wait a minute, she's just stretching out. Pff. Cats.

  9. My book just arrived, squee! I know what I'll be doing this evening...

  10. The book is fantastic! I am only on page 70 so far but it is very well-written (of course) and researched... I am loving it! Thank you dear friend!

  11. Tara, thank *you*... I'm happy you're enjoying it.

  12. Heyy Grain de musc, got the sample, thanks a lot. And as promised, I studied and reviewed it on ...