dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Hair, bath and body: your favorite products

I thought I’d be done with the book right now, but I’m still in the last stretch for about ten days, while samples jostle accusingly next to my computer…
So I’m taking the lazy route with a recap of all the products recommended in comments after last week’s post. They’re different from the French ones, so check out those as well if you live in Europe. And have a look at Mikael’s extremely enlightening comments on Lush cosmetics…
Feel free to add any other suggestions for the best (or most neutral) smelling products. I’ll be back as soon as I can with more reviews.

DevaCurl: “A wee bit minty & citrus-y while I'm using it, but leaves no noticeable smell once my hair's dry” (Stylespy)
Lush Ultimate Shine solid shampoo. “Makes all other shampoos seem like a vulgar assault on the senses” (Anna-Lyssa)
Lush Curly Wurly. “Coconutty in the best possible way.” (Liam Moore)
Klorane, Mango (anonymous)
Paul Mitchell, Awapuhi (anonymous)
Aveda, Rosemary Mint (anonymous)
Aveda smoothing fluid. “Smells subtle like lavender, divine!” (anonymous)
MoroccanOil argan oil for hair. “It smells like Miller Harris Fleur Oriental perfume.” (Katie Puckrick)
Nioxin hair products. “Very light minty scent that doesn't last and is very good on thin, fragile hair.” (Rosiegreen)

Bath and shower
Lush Dirty. “Herbaceous mint and a salty, airy marine feel without the typical ‘male aquatic’ effect.” (Mikael)
Lush Tramp. “Mossy patchouli, only available via mail order from the UK”. (Mikael)
Lush Grass and Olive Branch. “Also nicely done fragrance-wise.” (Mikael)
Nivea Happy Time Orange Flower & Bamboo Milk Shower Cream. “Not only is it a nice smelling body wash, it is almost an exact dupe for the ultra-expensive uber-niche Vero Profumo Rubj Parfum” (Sugandaraja)
Aveeno lemongrass body wash. “It has a light scent and is moisturizing.” (Rosiegreen)

Body lotions
Jergen's Ultra Healing. “It's only 7 bucks or so for a huge bottle, but it's great lotion with a creamy, milky smell that also disappears.” (Stylespy)
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. “It's fragrance-free. I do detect a bit of a scent, but it fades very quickly, and doesn't compete with perfume.” (Karin)
Lipikar Lait or Baume (anonymous)
Bioderma lotion for dry skin (Barbara)

Neolia Olive Oil soap. “A divine lightly floral green smell” (Stylespy)
Lush Figs and Leaves (Anna-Lyssa)

Korres (I love their greek yoghurt fragrance), Kiehl's (expecially for hair- though it's a L'Oreal brand), Malin+Goetz (the subtle coriander scent of some of their unscented products is great) and, after a trip to Marseille, I fell in love with the Compagnie de Provence body line, with very simple but well done mediterranean fragrances (verveine, fig, fleur d'oranger, mediterranèe- which smells of lemon, mimosa, sea salt and... oysters!).” (Iodine)

Illustration:  Le Bain, Alfred Stavens, Musée d'Orsay

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  1. Hair:
    Dr.Hauschka Neem Nail Oil - their Nail Oil is better than Hair Oil!
    Dr.Hauschka Hair Lotion - to get rid of frizz, make hair softer and shinier
    Aesop Dual Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

    Makeup Remover:
    Lierac Lait Demaquillant Douceur
    Serge Lutens Make Up Remover Pads

    Skincare for ageless face:
    SK II LXP Ultimate Revival Cream
    Orlane Creme Royale
    I used these two blended together.

    La Roche Posay Nutritic Lips
    Serge Lutens Lip Comfort

    Body Lotion:
    Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

    organic soap from local natural store

    Mitsouko parfum
    Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane
    Serge Lutens Vitriol d'Oeillet


  2. Thank you for doing a recap. :)
    I was following the discussion but didn't have anything to add (on the non-fragrant items).
    I also asked my hair-dresser the other day if he knew of hair styling products without much of a smell, and he said he has the same problem.
    I'm looking forward to trying many of the suggestions! (cosmetics freak that I am) :)

  3. Emma, thanks. It's funny, Orlane has practically disappeared from stores here in France. It used to be pretty big.

  4. Ines, I've been having that discussion about smelly hair products for years with my hair stylist! I always ask for a sniff before I let her put anything on...

  5. Gosh, talk about a thumbs up for Lush. I must say I'm quite surprised. I mean, I use a few of their products myself, but I wasn't expecting such an endorsement of their output. And I wouldn't say their stuff is neutral smelling.

    How would you say the brand is perceived in France? To an outsider, it seems like the most anti-French brand imaginable.

  6. Persolaise, check out Mikael's comments in the previous post: he likes the scents but is much more critical of their "natural" stance!
    Significantly, none of the French readers mentioned the brand. It's not widely distributed here and clearly on no one's radar. The French seem to favour either pharmacy-bought brands, classics like the Petit Marseillais shower gels or very fancy stuff like Santa Maria Novella (though that's practically not distributed here either).

  7. carmencanada, I think Orlane is american now - at Saks and Lords & Taylor in NY.
    On the other hand, Dr.Hauschka used to be everywhere here, even at Sephora but now it's hard to find.

  8. Did I really say that?
    I sound super obnoxious. Sorry.
    I just stuck my nose on my bar of ultimate shine shampoo (lush) and it barely smells of anything.
    I think it depends on the batch though.
    Also, since all their products are "à l'air" in the shops, shamelessly exuding scent and filling the store with an intense stink-cloud, it's easy to say "no thanks" and walk away. But really, when you bring them home, many products are surprisingly subtle. I'd suggest trying a few (at home) before discounting lush entirely.

    (Incidentally, i find all their liquid bodywashes far too strong, though the scent generally doesn't stay on your/my skin, thankfully).

    Another soap I LOVE LOVE LOVE (though it isn't neutral or unscented) is Nesti Dante, especially the Philosophia plum, persimmon & amber. Which I always buy when I'm in Italy. Although to tell you the truth, I generally save them for my linen cupboard. Very old-fashioned and wonderful.

    P.S. Finishing the book! How exciting!

  9. Anna-Lyssa, certainly not obnoxious, but very enthusiastic! If you want I'll take it down. I'm not discounting Lush which had a lot of warm endorsements. I just need to find the time to get there and explore. Though with all the recommendations, I'll also probably need a second bathroom for all the stash!
    And, yes, I'm on the final stretch, just a few last-minutes pages to add and I'm done. Which is of course the moment when I'll go "gaaah! Did I write that?"

  10. Oh no, no. Don't take it down. It's humbling (so good for mainting perspective... :))

    Oh and there's one more product that really sticks out for me: Aeto Botanica hair mask (yeah, yeah, let's all groan and collectively disregard the "botanica" marketing ploy).
    It's another Italian product and smells like the inside of a sauna. True story.
    Which is nice when you're wearing wood-y or incense-y fragrances.

  11. Anna-Lyssa, when you speak of the inside of a sauna I think - though it's not entirely related - of Olivia Giacobetti's Eau de Sento for Iunx. Japanese bath house, but a scent I would love to live in.

  12. Ah Olivia Giacobetti.... she is SO beautiful.
    I've never smelled any of the Iunx line. But we're moving to Paris soon (hoorah!!!!) and Eau de Santo will be on my list.
    I love the dry hot wood smell of a sauna. Almost spiritual like a fast, like a nosebleed because saunas are kind of painful. Is that transmitted in Giacobetti's eau?

    Oh and who knew this functional perfumery post would yield so much discussion? Interesting. It's such an important part of our lives. And not just for fragrance junkies either.
    Next book? :)

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  14. Ahh, Eau De Sento... that was the one I was tempted to buy the last time I was in Paris.

    But just to go back to the subject of Lush for a moment, I have absolutely no ties with the company whatsoever (and I actually don't use many of their products) but I have to say, I don't think they push the 'all natural' line as much as other brands do. In fact, Lush is the only high street shop I can think of where the SAs actually try to tell their customers that synthetics aren't the work of the devil. You could even argue that their Day Glo aesthetic actually promotes the idea of non-naturalness. It's other brands that annoy me much, much more as regards this issue. I've lost count of the number of times an SA at a Dior or Chanel counter has tried to convince me that one of their perfumes is really great because it's all natural!

    And as for the smells of Lush products, yes, some of them are extremely loud, but most of them are also rather unusual, and I don't know of any other mainstream shop which would dare release a solid shampoo like Soak & Float. Sniff it out next time you're near a branch.

  15. Persolaise, in Paris, "a branch" means one single store in Saint-Germain: here, I guess you could say Lush isn't high street but niche!
    My funniest "it's all natural" moment came as I watched a hapless Latin American gentleman who actually recoiled as a Gucci SA held out a strip of Flora to his nose. She still obstinately tried to reel him in with her few words of Spanish: "Es Gucci! Es muy bueno! Gucci!"
    And then, in a desperate bid, as he tried to back off, she wailed:
    "Es natural!"
    I'd never want to make an SA to miss a sale, most of them are so poorly paid, but I couldn't help smirking audibly. The gentleman made a break for it.

  16. Anna-Lyssa, Eau de Sento has got a bit of that feeling. There's one room spray she made for Orsay that's got it too. She's extremely good at creating atmospheres.

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