lundi 21 février 2011

The Winners of La Belle Hélène

Jicky the cat actually went out of her way by extracting five paper strips from the American draw box, then pouncing on one of them. And the winner of the U.S. draw for a bottle of La Belle Hélène by Parfums MDCI donated by Luckyscent is…


The rest-of-the-world winner for the bottle of La Belle Hélène donated by Claude Marchal was a little harder to pick as the little minx had tired of the game by then: I ended up throwing the strips up into the air. One landed on Jicky’s back, she picked it up in her jaws ever so delicately and thus selected… 

London, from the UK

Please contact me at graindemusc at gmail dot com and I’ll send your information over to Luckyscent and Claude Marchal for shipping.

Thank you to both for kindly donating the bottles, and to all of you for your enthusiastic response.

À mes lecteurs français...

Désolée, Miss Jicky n’a pas sélectionné de gagnant côté français puisque le tirage au sort de l’un des deux flacons de La Belle Hélène, celui offert directement par Claude Marchal des Parfums MDCI, était ouvert au monde entier à l’exception des USA (bénéficiaires d’un flacon offert par Luckyscent).

J'ai néanmoins, de ma blanche main, réalisé un troisième tirage au sort franco-français pour un décant de 5 ml réalisé par mes soins sur l'échantillon que Claude Marchal m'a offert.

Et c'est Hélène alias Carmenca qui le remporte.

Merci de m'écrire à graindemusc arobase gmail point com pour me donner votre adresse.

Merci à tous pour votre participation. Si vous habitez Paris vous pouvez sentir les Parfums MDCI à la Parfumerie de Valois, 60 rue François 1er, 75008. Ou commander un jeu d’échantillons directement sur le site de Parfums MDCI.

6 commentaires:

  1. It wasn't hard to drum up enthusiasm for this draw! An entire bottle! Those are $250 on lucksycent so the winners are very lucky indeed. And the perfume sounds so wonderful. Here I am before 8am checking the blog to see if I won....thought about it all weekend. :)

  2. Sorry you didn't win (as I am for everyone). As Shirley MacClaine's character says in Sweet Charity: "Fickle finger of fate" -- in this case, fickle paw of Siamese...

  3. Merci en tous cas pour l'émulation !

  4. I get a kick out of an idea that Miss Jicky is contributing to the blog somehow too! :)
    Whenever I have visiting cats, they have to work too--usually by being models for my photography or painting!

  5. Victoria, apart from absconding with blotters (I think she's working on something behind the couch), batting away at small samples and plonking herself in the middle of the vials when I'm having a sniffing festival with Octavian (girl cats definitely adore human boys)... it's the least she can do to justify her pay in kibbles!