dimanche 24 mai 2009

Clearing up a Misunderstanding about Les Nez

In my article about Isabelle Doyen’s Turtle Vétiver for Les Nez, I used a turn of phrase that may have led readers to think that all the Les Nez fragrances were “outlaw”, i.e., that they didn’t comply with the EU cosmetics directive.

René Schifferlé has just written me to rectify. Turtle Vétiver does not have a certificate because only one kilo of concentrate was made, and is therefore “outlaw”, which in no case means it presents any health hazards.

All other fragrances, L’Antimatière, Let Me Play with the Lion, The Unicorn Spell and Manoumalia, comply with the EU Cosmetics Directive and the manufacturer, Robertet, has carried out the relevant analyses and issued a conformity certificate.

My apologies to René Schifferlé, Sandrine Videault and Isabelle Doyen for any misunderstanding.

This is René’s letter:

To whom it may concern

Re. „Bulletin d‘Analyses & Certificats de conformité“ for Products by LesNez GmbH, as per EU Regulation:

We, the undersignet LesNez GmbH, Aaretalstrasse 11, 5312 Döttingen (Switzerland), declare: the certificats of conformity for the following products:

PL - 119 BULLETIN D'ANALYSES No 106/44410-0 (LION)
JV - AL03-817 BULLETIN D'ANALYSES No 106/44285-1 (UNICORN)

Were issued as per EU (European Union) Regulation by:

Robertet S.A.
37. avenue Sidi-Brahim
B.P. 52100
F - 06131 GRASSE Cedex

Additional information may be obtained directly from the issuer.

For and on behalf of
LesNez, Parfums d‘Auteurs

4 commentaires:

  1. Well, I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles... You want to export, you comply. However, note that the compliance is stated to be to the European Directive (currently the 26 allergens listed) and not to IFRA Amendment 43.

  2. Gosh, I'm sure sorry to hear this. I just ordered their entire sample set! LOL! Oh well... I'm sure they'll be beautiful anyway.

  3. Rappleyea, well, if you're not an outlaw, at least you'll sure smell good!