mercredi 8 août 2012

Séville à l'aube in Tokyo

I can’t resist the pleasure of posting these adorable pictures of the Séville à l’aube press presentation in Tokyo, taken by Misha Aoki, the PR officer of L’Artisan Parfumeur in Japan, and her sister Mihiro (whose lovely travel journal TinyTraveller I recommend visiting ). You can admire more pictures of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Japanese boutique and events at Le Jardin de L’Artisan Parfumeur.

Somehow, seeing the launch in Japan makes poetic sense: there is an intense connection between Seville and Tokyo via flamenco, with many brilliantly gifted Japanese musicians and dancers training and performing there. And both the Spanish and the Japanese are people of the fan…

My many thanks to my new friends Misha and Mihiro for graciously accepting the publication of their pictures. 

8 commentaires:

  1. Book Published. Check
    Perfume Launched. Check
    World Domination. Check
    Portia x

  2. Portia, now crossing fingers for a Japanese edition so I can visit at last! And aren't those fan-shaped cookies just too sweet?

  3. Oh, how lovely. Had no idea about the flamenco connection - I find that utterly charming.

  4. StyleSpy, in Seville I always used to have a shock when I bumped into a dark-haired, bearded guy carrying a guitar, who looked for all the world like a cross between a Gitano and a Baroque sculpture of Christ, and realized he was Japanese...

  5. I am loving the Seville series of blog photos! And the touch of orage-it's too clever. Reminds me of Ozu's use of red in all his films. You are on an extraordinary journey-thank you for taking us with you!


  6. Carole, thanks! I wish I'd been there in person. Misha, who handles PR in Japan, seems like the sweetest person. Glad to share the excitement! Next stop: Florence, where I plan to be struck with the Stendhal syndrome and cry by the Arno.

  7. Seville a L'Aube is launching in Florence? When?? And you are coming too?
    I have that promised bag of samples to give you!

  8. Anna-Lyssa, it will be presented at Pitti Fragranze, though the press conference is on a professional day. But I'll be there throughout. When I know more about my appointment schedule I'll post, since I'll be trying to set up a little meeting with Italian readers and fellow bloggers.