mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Off to London again!

I’ll be mostly offline for a few days while I waltz off to London to give my perfume initiation course at the London College of Fashion : raw mats, based on Jean Carles’ and Jean-Claude Ellena’s teaching methods, a cultural history of the classics and a peek into contemporary stuff. Then my students – mostly American girls, usually – get their assignment : to write a perfume brief! And I’m proud to say some actually come up with workable ideas…

All my apologies for slowing down on the blogging. It’s just not mentally feasible to juggle preparing the course, writing my book (up to 80 000 words now and still going) and the rent jobs while writing reviews I feel are up to my standards.

But I’ll be back next week with a report on the course and a review of a new perfume/cookbook (in French, I’m afraid). I’m also keeping a write-up of the new Frapin tucked away until they give me a launch date and… at some point there’ll be a sneak preview of a big mainstream feminine launch by someone who hasn’t had one yet. So stay tuned !

P.S. No use planning that break-in to nab my bottle of Iris Gris: there will be people in my flat! (Yes, Popcarts, I'm looking at you.)

6 commentaires:

  1. Bon voyage Denyse. And don't fret about the blog silence: I'm sure your readers would rather you poured your energies into your book at the moment.

  2. Safe travels, Denyse. Wish I could attend your course.

  3. Ah, Mrs. Peel. . . still the best tv heroine ever. Thanks for bringing her to mind.
    -- Gretchen

  4. Are these flat sitters susceptible to flattery? Bribery? Not that it's important...

  5. eleven european mystics6 novembre 2010 à 11:51

    i wish i were in that course, and that your voyage is safe and comfortable.

  6. Oh, I wish I could attend your course, maybe one day...