mercredi 29 septembre 2010

Topnote teasers on upcoming reviews...

Just to check if you’re up to speed on forthcoming launches, a little guessing game…

A copper-petalled rose with clove stamens sprouted from charred earth…

A rose and pistachio Turkish delight sprinkled in confectioner’s sugar, clutched in a leather glove…

A water-drenched iris in tones of orange blossom and rose just before dawn…

A shot of cognac and a good cigar in a leather couch…

… and a violet thief.

Can you name them? No draw here. Just a foretaste.

No one, really? I'll add some clues:

The first links the last name of a famous French film director to the title of a literary classic;

The second takes us to the same destination as a train immortalised in an Agatha Christie novel;

The third makes a reference to a school of Japanese art;

The fourth is named after the French title of a German movie;

The fifth is named after a famous character in French popular literature...

And the answers are, of course:

Portrait of a Lady by Dominique Ropion for Frédéric Malle Éditions de Parfums

La Traversée du Bosphore by Bertrand Duchaufour for L'Artisan Parfumeur

Iris Ukiyoé byJean-Claude Ellena for Hermès, collection Hermessence

Les Ailes du Désir by Bertrand Duchaufour for Frapin

Arsène Lupin Voyou and Arsène Lupin Dandy byJean-Paul Guerlain

Illustration: Burlesque performer and actress Sally Rand.

14 commentaires:

  1. Is the first the new Malle's "portrait of a lady"?

    And the other Rose the new Amouge?

    In any case, I fear I'm completely failing this test!

    But "A shot of cognac and a good cigar in a leather couch" sounds terribly good.
    Some clues?

  2. Zazie, it's certainly not a test! Let's wait for more answers before I add some clues...

  3. I will try to guess:-)
    1- not sure yet.
    2- let's board the Orient Express and travel to Traversée du Bosphore (L'Artisan Parfumeur- fragrance by B. Duchaufour)
    3- Indeed, Hermessence Iris Ukiyoé
    4- Les Ailes du Desir by Frapin and B. Duchaufour again, can not wait!
    5- Arsene Lupin Voyou/Dandy duo by Guerlain

  4. Bon j'ai même le premier Portrait of a Lady dernier opus de Malle

  5. 1. ...

    2.. Orient Express

    3. Ikebana?


    5 Arsene Lupin?

  6. My guess for 1, 2 and 3:

    1- Portrait of a lady (Frederic Malle)
    2- Traversée du Bosphore (L'Artisan=
    3- Ukiyo-é (Hermessence) My most anticipated new release :)
    4- ?
    5- ?

  7. Isa, ya está para los tres primeros... los demás estan arriba!

  8. Ah, now I'm really looking forward to all of these - what a fun way to set the nose aquiver, Denyse! ~~nozknoz

  9. What fun! Let me try:

    1. Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady

    2. L’Artisan Parfumeur Traversee du Bosphore

    3. Hermès Hermessence Iris Ukiyoé (aha, so accent aigu is in place of the hyphen--otherwise it would sound very different from the actual Japanese pronunciation as is)

    4. 'Les ailes du desir' would get my vote

    5. Guerlain Arsène Lupin--I grew up reading 'Le Triangle d'or' & 'La Barre-y-va' so this is easier than item 4.

    Speaking of Hermès Hermessence Iris Ukiyoé, so it's true that it's a dewy iris? I just wrote a piece exploring the importance of iris in Japanese art (albeit water iris, not the varieties that produce orris). This is getting more and more not really iris-cocoa connection like Ellena previously hinted last year, eh?


  10. I am guessing portrait of a lady, traversee du bosphore,iris ukiyoe, serge lutens boxeuses, and ?

  11. Albert, yes, it's true about the iris: it's a fantasy on the flower.