lundi 5 octobre 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear Friends and Readers,

Thank you all so much for your support, encouragements and purchases! The response, as they say, has been overwhelming, and most of my stock has been sold, enabling me to stave off for a little while the attentions of the taxman.

I’m sorry for those who requested a perfume that had been sold between the time they got the list and the time they got in touch. I’ve kept a strict first-come, first-serve policy and tried to update the list in real time.

This crisis has given me the opportunity to “meet” a lot of you for the first time through email, and that’s been a great feeling. I’m very touched by the lovely things you all had to say about my work, and I’ll definitely go on updating as often as I can.

Meanwhile, I’ve still got a few things for offer. Here they are. Please email me for prices.

And thanks again, a million times!

Still available...

MDCI Rivage des Syrtes (refill) edp 60 ml

Parfums 137 Hollywood Stromboli , 3 x 15 ml (NIB, sealed)

Masaki Matsushima Yellow Mat, edt 40 ml (NIB, sealed)

Barbara Bui Le Parfum (NIB), edp 50 ml

Annick Goutal Gardénia Passion, edt 100 ml SOLD

L de Lubin, edp 50 ml

Guerlain Métalys DISCONTINUED, 125 ml bee bottle (minus 5 ml)

L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier, edt 100 ml (minus 15 ml)

Montale Pure Gold 20 ml sample atomizer

Montale Amber & Spices 20 ml sample atomizer

Montale Sandal Sliver 20 ml sample atomizer

Montale Louban 20 ml sample atomizer

Montale Boisé Fruité 20 ml sample atomizer

Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule, set of the 3 minis, 3x10 ml

Vintage Rochas Femme edc atomizer, no indication of content but at least 100 ml, NIB, sealed, circa 70s. Quantity for sale: 2 SOLD

Vintage Carven Ma Griffe extrait, 1 oz, mint condition (sealed when purchased)

Vintage Carven Ma Griffe eau de cologne, 4 oz (5 ml missing)

Vintage Guerlain Parure, « watch » bottle eau de cologne 165 ml (5 ml missing) SOLD

Vintage Nina Ricci Eau de Cœur-Joie edt, plain splash bottle approx. 35 ml, damaged top notes NO BOX SOLD

Vintage Dana Canoe Royale edc 8 oz splash bottle full

Vintage Balenciaga Fleeting Moment edc splash bottle plain 1 ¼ oz. full NO BOX SOLD

Vintage Lubin Nuit de Longchamp edt, 1 2/3 oz. Plain splash bottle (5 ml evaporated), damaged top notes NO BOX SOLD

Vintage Miss Balmain edt splash bottle full, approx. 50 ml NO BOX SOLD

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