dimanche 1 mars 2009

Upcoming events...

The past few days have been rather eventful here at Grain de Musc, with the equivalent of a full panel discussion/ focus group on Guerlain going on since February 24th. Jarvis, a friend and reader also known as jtcInBoston, has exported the debate on the Perfume of Life board: some people who didn’t post here have been giving their opinion over there – go have a look!

I’ve written the equivalent of several posts in my responses to your comments, so I’ll be leaving the Guerlain posts on top for a couple of days while I catch my breath, and before turning to a (relatively) new French niche house, Parfums 137, and to Indult’s new offering for the Scent Bar in L.A., Rêve en Cuir, by Francis Kurdjian, as well as turning back to a few of my vintage preciouses…

Meanwhile, here is the winner of the sample of Africa by Claude-André Hébert Parfums Montréal, picked by my Siamese cat Jicky: Chris G.! Chris, please send me your details at this address: graindemusc at gmail.com.

Thank you all for your participation to the debate… which is far from over!

Image: Bertrand Lavier, Vitrine -- rue de Sévigné (2005)

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