jeudi 5 mai 2011

Les Parfums 2011: Tonight the Fragrance Foundation France announces the winners

Tonight the winners of the Fragrance Foundation France awards will be announced at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental, near the Paris Opera. 

For the second year running, I was a member of the Specialists’ Award jury, composed of journalists and evaluators, to discuss a short list drawn from the niche and exclusives launches of 2010 -- this time I was joined by my friend Octavian Coifan. And I’m happy to say that true beauty and originality was acknowledged, even by those members of the jury who hadn’t had a chance to discover every product on the short list beforehand. The winner and two finalists are simply the most interesting perfumes to have come out last year – two of which I voted for quite abundantly with my skin over the past months, the third a very beautiful composition that got an excellent reception in the blogs.

I am now extremely curious to discover the winner of the Perfumers’ Award, voted on a by jury presided over by Edouard Fléchier. Last year, Mathilde Laurent nabbed both trophies for La Treizième Heure… It seems that this year’s selection is similarly original and challenging.

I will try to report as soon as I come back from the gala, which can boast the greatest concentration of fine noses in the world. I've picked the dress, but not what I'll spritz on my cleavage...

Now on to you : among the niche/exclusives launches of 2010, who deserves the Specialists’ Award in your opinion ?

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  1. Well, I remember Nuit de Tuberose being the subject of many a positive blog review and I do love it but my three favourites from last year were Ninfeo Mio, La Fougueuse, and Absolue pour le Soir. Then of course there's Vamp! Have fun tonight, dear D!

  2. My choices would be Traversee du Bosphore and Nuit de Tubereuse. The latter was love at first sniff, but Traversee keeps growing and growing on me.
    Let us know what perfume you go for, I can think of a nameless lovely one that would fit the occasion perfectly...
    Have a great time and may the best scent win!

  3. Nicola, wait and see... I'll be waltzing in on the arm of darling O. I've decided we are the John Steed and Emma Peel of perfume!

  4. Silvia, I'm still balancing between that and flawless original Femme!

  5. Well, I think half of the niche frags were composed by B. Duchaufour, so I can't imagine him NOT getting an award. Apart from his creations, Vamp and Ninfeo Mio were favorites of mine this past year. Still haven't tried Absolue pour le Soir, bad perfumista me!
    Hope you and O have a fantastic evening, post a photo!

  6. No clue whatsoever as to who or what's going to win not having smelled pretty much any of the contenders. I'm only stopping by to wish you and dear O to have a great time tonight!

  7. Marla, BD had three in the long list -- lots of his new stuff came out in 2011. There are still, happily for the diversity of offer, a lot of things done by other people... I'm not big on photos though -- not because I'm monstrous, but because... I utterly loathe snapshots and that idiotic look one has on them. But I certainly hope to have fun with O.

  8. La Fougueuse, ma darlin'. I am falling more and more in love with it every day - and you know I already adore it. My Percherons do, too!


  9. Musette, the Fougueuse came in third in the votes -- it was actually entered with the other two new Heures, which were less well received. That didn't help, and neither did the fact that Mathilde had nabbed two awards last year.

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