mardi 5 juin 2012

The Barcelona Perfume Museum, continued

I haven't gone AWOL: I'm just trying to keep abreast of my various rent jobs and presentations of next fall's perfumes... Meanwhile, here are a few more pictures I took in the Barcelona perfume museum at the back of the Regia perfumery, including a very surprising Brigitte Bardot fragrance. To see more, click here and here.

And just for the fun of it, a few views of the Boqueria food market just off Las Ramblas:

6 commentaires:

  1. So jealous! Here on my sand dune, any "ethnic" food items must be ordered online. I miss the markets of Munich, Berlin, and Paris (and obviously Spain has some marvelous markets, too)!
    PS: The perfume museum is really special- quite a dreamspace!

  2. Marla, La Boqueria is fabulous, and it's got a few great tapa bars where you jostle for access to the counter. All those brightly-colored fruit juices were beyond tempting, and so cheap!

  3. I remember tapas bars when I hiked through northern Spain, so much fun!

  4. I couldn't believe how cheap and delicious those juices were. La Boqueria was the first place I visited in Barcelona once I checked into my hotel.
    I also loved the tapa bars in the market and various stalls where you could get cafe con leche and a pastry or a sandwich.

    That Bardot bottle is so much fun!

  5. Marla, I never hiked in Spain, unless bar-hopping counts! ;-)

  6. Victoria, weren't they, though? La Boqueria just fills me with glee: it's so colorful and abundant... I make a beeline for it too whenever I can.